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Guangdong Fenghua Zhuoli Technology Co., Ltd (initials: FHZL) is the pioneer leading the commercialization of sand mold 3D printing technology in China. The technology is from Professor Yan Yongnian of Qsinghua University, the first person to conduct R&D of sand mold 3D printing in China. The R&D team led by Professor Yan initiated the tackling of Patternless Casting Manufacturing(PCM) in 1994 in hope of boosting the development of this technology within the motherland. After years of continuous efforts, the first generation of PCM 3D sand printer original in China was launched in 2010 and it was successfully utilized to various fields such as automobile and valve industry.

FHZL has achieved three firsts among its Chinese peers: the first successfully launched the binder jet sand 3D printer, the first utilized its sand 3D printer to foundry applications and the first exported the sand 3D printer to the overseas market. After twenty-years’ hardworking, FHZL has become an expert in R&D of hardware, software and consumables for 3D printing and accumulated rich experience in incorporating the binder jetting sand 3D printer into existing metal casting process. All these contributed to a better sense of customer demands. FHZL strives to refinement and innovation, which makes it stand out from the domestic peers and strong enough to compete with the overseas rivals. Incorporating our sand 3D printing systems helps enhance printing efficiency and reduce production cost for foundries. FHZL can offer not only high speed 3D printing machines with high precision and comprehensive features, but also one-stop rapid manufacturing service on sand mold modelling & casting, final casting part cleaning etc., to help traditional foundries become more intelligent and efficient.

Create world-class technology · Set a benchmark for the 3D industry

Additive Manufacturing Equipment Division of FHZL, is devoted to the self-developed R&D, manufacturing and sales of 3D printers & consumables, while the Rapid Manufacturing Division is committed to the rapid manufacturing of high-end metal R&D prototypes and small & medium batches of metal parts. So far, the company has offered 3D printing machines to dozens of enterprises and R&D centers in China and provided rapid manufacturing services to nearly 400 large enterprises both domestic and abroad, from a wide variety of industries, such as automotive, pump, valve, engineering machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, military industry, vessel, aviation, aerospace, new energy, rail transit, casting mold etc.
In order to keep pace with the faster and fiercer technical revolution and industrial development, FHZL will work harder to keep on top of 3D printing technology and devote more efforts to 3D printing systems with various industrial materials and functionality to realize environmentally friendly and intelligent manufacturing development. The company values the market needs, customer demands and product quality and spares no efforts in acting as the benchmark enterprise to lead the latest technology in the 3D industry.


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