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Additive Manufacturing Equipment Division of FHZL, is devoted to R&D, manufacturing and sales of 3D printers. The self-developed sand 3D printers by FHZL have won lots of national invention patents and a high market share in domestic market with the largest number of users.
FHZL is also the first Chinese enterprise to export the sand 3D printers to the overseas market. Based on its twenty years’ expertise of 3D printing technology and rich experience of casting application on various metal materials, FHZL has launched the 4th Generation sand 3D printer in 2019, which achieves higher printing speed and better printing efficiency, but lower operation cost and maintenance cost. It can also meet customers’ demands on different casting process by simply choosing the appropriate parameters. FHZL will continue its efforts on refinement and innovation on 3D printing technology to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional foundries.

PCM (Patternless Casting Manufacturing) is a new technology applying rapid prototyping technology to traditional resin sand casting process.

First, the sand mold model is obtained from the CAD model of the part, and the STL file of the sand mold model is layered to obtain the cross-section images and then the control information is generated by the layer details. During printing, after the raw sand properly mixed with the activator, the print head will jet binder to the sand precisely according to the cross-section images. The binder then reacts with the activator and cementation will occur immediately to make the sand stacked. The curing should be done layer by layer. After curing all layers, the sand mold is appropriately formed. Where there is no binder jetted, the sand remains loose and it is easy to clean up. By removing the uncured sand, a sand mold is ready for post-processing before casting.

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