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Technological principle
PCM (Patternless Casting Manufacturing) is a new technology applying rapid prototyping technology to traditional resin sand casting process. First, the sand mold model is obtained from the CAD model of the part, and the STL file of the sand mold model is layered to obtain the cross-section images and then the control information is generated by the layer details. During printing, after the raw sand properly mixed with the activator, the print head will jet binder to the sand precisely according to the cross-section images. The binder then reacts with the activator and cementation will occur immediately to make the sand stacked. The curing should be done layer by layer. After curing all layers, the sand mold is appropriately formed. Where there is no binder jetted, the sand remains loose and it is easy to clean up. By removing the uncured sand, a sand mold is ready for post-processing before casting.
Sand 3D Printing Process
Benefits of PCM Technology over Conventional Foundry Process
Item Comparison between PCM Technology and Conventional Foundry Process

Production Preparation

Patternless, sand molds and cores can be ready in one single build.

Lead Time&Cost

Short lead time less than 3-5 days at a low cost.

Skill Requirements of Operation

High automation, workers with limited experience can operate independently after one-weeks basic training.

Working environment

Clean and environmentally friendly with little effluent and emission.

Manufacturing Process

1. Mold and core can be built accurately as an integrate part in a single build, reducing assembly tolerance.
2. In no need of pattern draft, hyper-realistic prototypes can be created in lightweight structures with less machining allowance.
3. Suited for greater design freedom with no geometry limitation and no need of demoulding.
4. High flexibility on structure modification and recreation by simply modifying the CAD data and then reprinting.


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